Antarctic Heritage Trust is grateful for the funding support received for its work at Cape Adare, particularly from the Norwegian Government. We would also like to thank Canterbury Museum for use of its facilities, Antarctica New Zealand and the Chinese Antarctic Research Expedition for logistical support, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry for Primary Industries for their assistance with permitting so the site could be accessed and artefacts removed temporarily.

Exhibition Curator: Kerry McCarthy

Antarctic Heritage Programme Manager (Artefacts): Lizzie Meek

Antarctic Heritage Trust artefact conservators: Sue Bassett, Josefin Bermark-Jimenez, Ciaran Lavelle, Nicola Stewart, Stefanie Stott, Martin Wenzel

Canterbury Museum Exhibitions Team: Neil Phillips, Chris O'Rourke, Sebastian Denize, Hamish Anderson, John Owens, Liam Dangerfield and Alex Wootton

Registration: Scott Reeves, Tara Elder, Nicolas Boigelot

Communications & Marketing: Francesca Eathorne, Kester Brown, Vicki Blyth, Jack van Beynen

Website: Josh Smith at Plato Creative

Photography: Johannes van Kan